Checking for updates just got worse

Microsoft recently had to pull an update to Windows because it was "deleting user's files".

Without going into that debacle too much, it seems that the only people who got this update were people who had clicked on the "Check for updates" button in Windows itself.

Read about it in more detail here:

As someone who comes from a software testing and consulting background this makes my blood boil.

There really is no reason to be cagey or dishonest about what software and updates people receive through whatever process.

While there may have been reasons for this strategy, there really is no excuse for sneaking software onto anyone's computer.

On the back of the Windows 10 rollout debacle itself, I would have thought anyone with a brain at Microsoft would have been a bit more careful about doing anything remotely similar again...but it seems not.

Let's face it though, the whole "Automatic Updates" thing is a case of "damned if you do and damned if you don't".

There's no winning for any of us here.

By and large people are trying to do the right thing by fixing problems and protecting us from the bad guys.

We just don't need them to deceive us too because the line between the good guys and the bad guys gets blurred.

Take care, be a "late adopter" ;-) David

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