"Get a Mac" - get stuffed...

Every now and then someone suggests that the fix-all for computer problems is "get a mac". This response annoys me greatly.

Not because I am a member of a different tribe (or cult if you ask some), but because it is a marketing and culture driven response that comes without any facts. I've been in computing for over 35 years. My second computer was an Apple II Euro+. My latest computer is an iMac and of course I have owned many, many other computers of varying types in between. Over that time I've had more than a bit to do with Apple and its various offerings.

I've set up and run various test lab's that included numerous machines of both the Mac, PC and other varieties. These labs were set up with the purpose of finding problems with these machines. And, of course, these days I regularly work with customer computers of the Apple variety.

People like me work at the problem end of computing. People are coming to us to help them with their problems. So we hear what is going wrong with every flavour of PC on the market and, SHOCK HORROR, that includes Macs. "Getting a mac" to solve a computer problem is a bit like buying a Ferrari to fix the failings of your Toyota Echo. You'll just have a new set of problems and paid a premium for a whole bunch of stuff you don't need. If I tried to solve my customer's problems for them by simply "getting a Mac" they'd hate me and hate the price-point of my "solutions". Now I know I can't change these Apple/Mac zealot types. But what I can suggest is that before YOU believe that statement on face value you do a few simple Google searches. For instance:

If "get a mac" was a panacea, these searches, all of them, would return no results...but they don't :-)

The fact is that all man made products are flawed. Perfect does not exist.

Macs have their place and there is much that is good about them but the same is true for many other brands and levels of product. Even "cheap rubbish" can be fit for purpose.

Sure you can benefit, sometimes, from buying a premium product and paying a bit extra for "the same thing".

But, in a world of man made objects, you'd be mad to think you can actually buy anything that is entirely free from problems (regardless of price).

Don't just believe the hype. Do some checking and buy what suits YOUR needs. David

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