It is a "laptop" NOT a lap-snot!!

We've all heard the stories about just how filthy our computers really are... "you toilet seat is actually cleaner than your computer keyboard" turns out to be true.

It is no surprise that shared computers are filthier than single user devices...that makes sense, but "ewwww".

Google it. This isn't a one off study. It keeps coming up time and time again...

My particular beef here today is about snot on your screen.

And, let's face it, if it is on your screen it is f***ing everywhere!

It happens mostly with laptops. People drop off their machines to me and obviously with laptops screens are attached.

You'd think there'd be some pride or at least self-respect around not handing a snot laden thing to someone else. But apparently not. Maybe some people are just blind to what is going on...because they've lived with it for so long. I swear, the number of times where I've opened a laptop to find a screen that would be more easily read as braille than with eyesight is horrifying.

So, in case you need someone else to touch your germ and snot ridden computer, here's a cleaning guide.

Yeah, please clean it before you drop it off...because I ain't touching it like that. Thanks. David

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