As a small business I greatly appreciate your prompt and full payment

The best way to pay is by clicking on the payment links in your email / invoice from I Hate My PC.

This will take you to a Xero web page where you can see your invoice and easily pay the correct amount using your credit card or Paypal account by clicking the PAY NOW button.

However, if that is a problem for some reason, you can also pay using PayPal outside of Xero.

Click on the "Buy Now" button below to be taken to our PayPal payment processing page where you'll need to enter the amount to pay before proceeding.

This amount should match the total on your invoice INCLUDING the Payment ID amount. This is done so we accurately and quickly match your payment to your invoice. If you make an error in the amount reconciliation will be delayed and you will receive reminders until the error is rectified.

Please note that all invoices are due for payment IMMEDIATELY.

Here are the other ways to pay I Hate My PC...

Payment can be made a variety of ways. For future reference these are all outlined on the bottom of your invoice.

All payments must be accurate to the cent. The strange amounts on your invoice are used to uniquely identify your payment. If you pay the wrong amount, or it hasn't cleared yet, you will continue to get reminders that you haven't paid until such time as reconciliation has identified the variation/payment.

IMPORTANT: All work must be paid for prior to collection of your equipment. Think of me like a shop, you can't walk out with the goods without paying :-)

1) Online through my web site and Paypal.
NOTE: Depending on your device of choice, its age and other factors e.g. iPad, tablet, phone etc., choices made by your device manufacturer may make online payment problematic.
This is NOT my fault or Paypal's fault. Please try an alternate mode of payment.

2) You can "Send Money" using Paypal.
Using either the Paypal web site or the Paypal app' applicable to your device, you can send money to 
Remember to quote our invoice number on your Paypal payment.

3) Direct deposit to my bank account.
Direct deposits can be made to the account shown at the bottom of your invoice (not reproduced here for security reasons).

Remember to quote our invoice number on your transfer so we can
identify your payment.
- Payments must clear BEFORE collection of your equipment. This usually takes 3 days from non-Westpac banks.

4) You can post a cheque to:

I Hate My PC - David Moore
PO Box 25, Franklin, Tas. 7113.

- Cheques must clear BEFORE collection of your equipment.
- DON'T post cash. No responsibility taken for loss of cash delivered through postal or non-face-to-face delivery.

5) You can pay by cash at time of collection.
This is by prior arrangement only.
Preference is for collection from my home office (address supplied upon request).
However, other collection points are available upon request.
- You may be asked to provide ID at collection points to prove you are indeed entitled to take the equipment away. This is for YOUR protection and mine.
- For the sake of convenience, CASH PAYMENTS ONLY are rounded up to the nearest dollar. (All online payments use the exact amount for purposes of trace-ability.)
- Collection points have been advised to collect payment BEFORE handing over goods.

6) EFTPOS using "Paypal Here" machine.
Swipe and pay wave payments can be taken from your credit card when collecting from me in person (or site visits where mobile phone reception allows).

NOTE: Please advise in advance if this is how you wish to pay. I don't use the machine often and sometimes there's a delay in processing if it hasn't been used for a while.


If you think you've paid, but are still receiving reminders...

a) Please check that the payment hasn't bounced back or been rejected by your bank in some way.

In these circumstances I receive no notification - all I see is that the invoice remains unpaid.

If you see a payment rejection, please check how and where you tried to pay and rectify any errors reported by your bank.

It may be easier just to pay using another method.

Please email me ASAP if you are having this issue.

b) Please check the exact amount you paid and email me with details of the transaction; date, time, exact amount, type of payment (bank transfer, cheque, Paypal, Credit card) etc.

I will need this information and maybe more to track down the payment. So please send me what you know.

If you've paid with PayPal please login to your Paypal account and check that you've sent the money to my correct email address and that Paypal hasn't rejected or returned the money for some reason. If you've sent money to the wrong person through PayPal you will need to raise a dispute with PayPal. You will still need to pay me immediately though i.e. don't wait for the dispute to be fixed before paying me. It can take a long time for PayPal to resolve and my terms are immediate.


c) If you paid in cash or cheque please email me with your details, date of the repair/service and other information that may be pertinent to proving/recalling that payment has been made.

Cash and cheque transactions require manual depositing and reconciliation and are therefore subject to higher degrees of human error at my end especially if it is a busy period.


Paying online using the invoice links really is the best way to avoid these hassles.

Thanks for your custom and prompt payment.

David Moore - PC Wrangler @ I Hate My PC