If you are after a new Laptop, Desktop or All-In-One I can help you make your choice.

I don't sell equipment as I can't compete with the big stores but I can help you buy the right machine for you.

Buying the right new computer or device for you...

As a small business and solo operator I can't sell you a new computer and compete with the "big guys".

But what I can do is help you get the right computer.


There are a number of ways we go about this:

  • I have a comprehensive buying guide available to you via email. Contact me and simply ask for the buying guide. It will answer nearly all of the questions you may be wanting to ask. It includes tips and tricks and traps to avoid.

  • I can configure computers to fit your needs through the Dell web site. The shoping cart is then emailed to you for review and purchase.

  • I can review the options you have investigated yourself and advise on the best purchase from those or suggest changes and alternatives.

  • I can go to store, with or without you, and buy you a new computer.

...or a mix and match of the above and more depending on your needs.

All of these options leave you in control of your purchase.

I simply charge for my time spent helping you.

NOTE 1: The buying guide is free.

NOTE 2: You should consider how you'll migrate from your old computer to your new computer. I have a guide for that too. Information can be found here.

IMPORTANT: If you've bought a new computer before talking to me, and you think it may be inadequate or faulty in some way, please contact the place of purchase ASAP i.e. with 7 days of purchase, as you have a right of return/refund for goods that aren't "fit for purpose".

My blog posts about buying tech can be found here:

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