Sooner or later you are going to acquire a new computer and need get your data from the old one onto it.

This isn't necessarily easy or obvious.

Timeliness and preparation are important.


There's a lot to think about when moving from your old computer to a new one.

So much that often important things are missed and your ability to get to work can be impaired.

Newer computers can sometimes help you with this, but sometimes we don't want it done the way they choose e.g. it could take too long and we may want a fresh start.

I've written a bunch of blog posts about this:

Most often people forget what they are using, used to use, what they need to use, what's obsolete and what data needs to be copied across.

People forget that their 100 year old printer probably won't work on a brand new computer (and that applies to other old hardware and devices too).

People want to use the software they've previously bought on the new machine without realising that this may not be possible or even a good idea e.g. your MS Office 2003 is one such bad idea.

The biggy though, is usernames and passwords.

If you don't have your usernames and passwords to hand when setting up your new computer you are in for a world of pain.

As usual I have a migration guide document that you can have free of charge.

This will help you to plan your new computer purchase, by way of identifying the obsolete things that will need replacing, and prepare for a smooth migration once you've got your new hardware.

Simply email me and ask for the guide.

If it all gets too much I can help with m igrating to your new computer.