Linux is an Open Source (read "free") operating system.

It comes in many variations and can give new life to an old computer.

Getting LINUX onto your computer

Most people know about Windows, Mac OS and maybe Google ChromeOS.

That's because these come with new computers and, to some degree, form part of the cost of that machine.

But not many people outside of the Geek world know about the availability of FREE operating systems (usually) based on Linux.

There are lots of free "distributions" of Linux.

Depending on the age and specifications of your (old) computer they'll all work fairly well to one degree or another.

Linux is "lighter" than most commercial operating systems. It can run well on a windows machine that has slowed down to the point of intolerability.

Linux is what I put on the machines I refurbish that no longer have a valid (paid) Windows licence available to them.

Linux may sound techy and Geeky but it really is fairly straight forward to use these days. In fact, Apple's MacOS was/is based on Linux.

If you are doing simple email, web browsing and other internet "stuff", then an old machine with Linux on it has a good chance of doing what you want at a low cost.

You can boot most Linux distributions from a USB to try it out before you install it. This can be used as an emergency tool for recovering data from a computer that's no longer booting from its internal hard disk.

If you fancy giving one of your old machines a new lease of life, or giving the big guys the finger, then I can install a flavour of Linux that suits you best onto your machine. I'll just charge you for the time it takes to do this.

We can put Linux onto your machine together if you wish e.g. as a tutorial or educational exercise.

I can create bootable Linux thumb drives and even install multiple versions of Linux onto one machine so you can play around to your heart's content.

Linux can even live alongside Windows or your other operating systems if you like. You just choose which one you want to boot into at power-up.

Caveats apply, contact me to discuss further.

Here are my blog posts about operating systems:

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