Hacking, Hoaxes and Scams

If you think you have been hacked, hoaxed or otherwise scammed here are some links to resources that can help you check things out before you panic...



1) Hang up the phone, don't call the number, don't answer the scammer in ANY way.

2) If you even suspect the scammers have any of your banking or financial details you should contact your bank IMMEDIATELY!

3) You should TURN OFF the compromised computers, modems, routers and devices.


4)  Talk to your TRUSTED TECHNICIAN before turning them back on or proceeding in anyway.

5) Read the detailed information on how to respond here:

Have I Been Pwned?

This web site checks your email addresses to see if they have been exposed through various known data breaches around the world.

The extent of the breach and what you should do about it i.e. your exposed data, is explained.

These types of attacks often take the form of extortion. The offenders will show you an old password (or perhaps a current password if you never change them) and use that as evidence that they have "much more" and that you should pay them to prevent release of this data.

All sorts of "other" scams

I have written about these extensively on my blog.

This is a link to all my current blog posts on this subject: