Data Recovery from failed PCs

Your computer or laptop may be dead but that doesn't automatically mean that all your data is gone.

Stop fiddling with it now and call your favourite tech' support person for advice.

If you keep "trying to fix it" you will probably make things worse.

You've been told to back-up, but didn't, and now your PC is dead

Data recovery from a failed machine can take a variety of forms and require a varying level of effort.


When a machine fails you need to consider your next steps carefully.


The data on your machine is far more important and valuable than anything else.


These are things like the documents you've spent years writing, the photos you can never take again, and so on.


Yeah, you should have backed them up. But I can tell you 99% of people don't and, of the remaining 1%, most haven't done it properly.


Chances are the thing you want back most hasn't been backed up.


So we are in data recovery and rescue mode.


NOT losing any more of your data is my number 1 priority.


So STOP and call before anyone makes things any worse.


The success of recovery cannot be determined until after we've done all we can and you've had a look at what was recovered.


Sometimes this is absolutely nothing.

Sometimes, often, we can get back a lot if not everything...


...but there are no guarantees at all. It is a "suck it and see" scenario.


What we get is what we get...but there's plenty of ways to skin a cat.



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