Backing up your precious data

When, NOT "if", your computer fails the only thing that will save you is having previously done proper backups.

The chances are you've been told to backup but don't know how to or don't know if you have (properly or at all).

There's more out there to get you data than just failure.

You've been told to back-up, but haven't and need some help

Your precious data can be destroyed forever by numerous threats.

From accidents, viruses, hardware failure, well meaning friends, kids, pets, fire, theft, flood, updates and intentional deletion of the wrong thing (oopsies) the list is endless.

I've written and cared about your backups for over 36 years.

I suggest you check out some of my most recent articles on my blog.

Backups need not be as scary and painful as they sound.

But if you care about any of the data on your PC you MUST back it up somehow.

I can help you with that.

We can customise a backup system that suits you best.

Give me a call and we can work something out.


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